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FI is not an event that occurs at a specific point in your life. FI is a process.

The FI process includes a full understanding of the importance of time, money, and investing. It culminates in a perpetual feeling of financial freedom that allows you to enjoy life to the fullest

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Invested Poorly: Sad Tails of Financial Fails Podcast

Invested Poorly: Sad Tales of FInancial Fails is a short-form, seasonal podcast where host Jeff Harrell offers a unique perspective and energy as he helps you navigate common pitfalls that trap everyday investors. 

You’ll hear real-life investing short stories sure to make you laugh, cry, think, and learn. These “don’t let this happen to you” lessons teach you to recognize, and eliminate, the bad behavioral tendencies most investors have—so you can become the hero of your own investing story.

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May 27, 2024
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Introduction - Invested Poorly: Sad Tales of FInancial Fails

Have you ever thought of investing in the stock market as though it were a great action movie? Host Jeff Harrell unveils their similarities (and a key difference!) and sets the stage for this seasonal podcast about how to simplify your investment strategy to help you reach financial independence. Jeff, with 20+ of experience as a former portfolio manager and financial advisor, briefly highlights.....

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