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Invested Poorly: Sad Tales of FInancial Fails Podcast

Invested Poorly: Sad Tales of FInancial Fails offers a unique perspective guiding you through common pitfalls that trap everyday investors. Host Jeff Harrell shares real-life investing stories and examples sure to make you laugh, cry, think, and learn.

These “don’t let this happen to you” lessons teach you to recognize, and eliminate, the bad behavioral tendencies most investors have—so you can become the hero of your own investing story.

Ready to join the investing adventure? Start with the "Introduction" episode. Or listen to the 2-minute "Trailer" now.

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April 25, 202400:02:121.55 MB

Trailer - Invested Poorly: Sad Tales of FInancial Fails

Invested Poorly: Sad Tales of FInancial Fails is a seasonal podcast to help you invest smarter and reach financial independence by avoiding bad investment decisions. In the Trailer episode, Host Jeff Harrell offers a preview of what to expect in the show.

May 27, 2024
00:08:456.04 MB

Introduction - Invested Poorly: Sad Tales of FInancial Fails

Have you ever thought of investing in the stock market as though it were a great action movie? Host Jeff Harrell unveils their similarities (and a key difference!) and sets the stage for this seasonal podcast about how to simplify your investment strategy to help you reach financial independence. Jeff, with 20+ of experience as a former portfolio manager and financial advisor, briefly highlights.....

May 27, 2024x
00:09:186.43 MB

Politics and Investing Are Like Oil and Water...They Don’t Mix

Will the next presidential election be the “most important election ever”? You might think so when following popular media outlets where every four years we have the “most important election ever!” Recognizing how this may be true in some ways—since elections, especially presidential elections, are a big deal—host Jeff Harrell reveals that...

May 27, 2024x
00:08:135.67 MB

Obviously, the Stock Market Is About to Crash…Buy, Buy, Buy!?!

A day has hardly gone by without someone in the media predicting doom and gloom for the stock market. Buying in to this feeling has the potential not only to be devastating to your financial wellbeing, but also to your sanity. Jeff Harrell tells a true tale about a “doomsday prepper” who...

May 27, 2024x
00:10:066.97 MB

Saver or Investor…Which One Are You?

Saving is where the path to financial independence (FI) begins, but if “saving” is all you ever do with your money, then your path might be longer than necessary. Implementing the next step—investing—accelerates your journey. Failure to understand from the outset about the inevitable...

May 27, 2024x
00:09:336.59 MB

Stocks are Risky…False Fact!

We’ve all heard the term, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” When it comes to the stock market, I’d simply change “beauty” to “risk” in this expression. How you define risk plays a huge role in your perception of stock market investing. A look at one set of data points may change all of that. Jeff Harrell breaks down the fascinating results of a...

May 27, 2024x
00:13:389.4 MB

My Investments Are Doing Awesome (Or Terrible)…How Do You Know?

Perception is often not reality. Everyday investors would do well to keep this in mind while reviewing their investment accounts. Unfortunately, many investors’ lack of understanding about performance has cost them dearly over the years. Gaining a better understanding of this will better equip you to compare your results to relevant benchmarks, thereby...

May 27, 2024x
00:10:137.05 MB

Past Investment Performance Matters…Does it Really?

Even though everyone knows past performance is no guarantee of future results, the allure of buying what you wished you’d owned tempts us all. This episode will help drive this point home further with examples of why heeding this advice is so important to successful investing. Jeff Harrell also shares what three types of investment returns most...

May 27, 2024x
00:08:546.15 MB

I’ll Wait to Invest When the Stock Market Pulls Back…Why?

Timing the stock market is something we’re all told not to do, yet all of us are guilty of it at some point. This episode may have the “smoking gun” illustration to help you avoid this poor decision going forward. Jeff Harrell explains two hypothetical (and impossible) scenarios of the luckiest and unluckiest investors in history...

May 27, 2024x
00:13:369.37 MB

Cost Basis Helps Determine Performance…Incorrectly

Are you sure you understand the “Cost Basis” and “Gain/Loss” columns on your investment statements? Cost basis and gain/loss calculations are two commonly misunderstood investment terms. Learn what these calculations actually represent. Jeff Harrell uses several examples to illustrate how cost basis can be misleading and breaks down this technical concept to help you get a...

May 27, 2024x
00:10:597.58 MB

Stock Market Experts on TV Are So Smart…But Can They See the Future?

Perception is often extremely different than reality. Financial news channels may be the posterchild for this. A deep understanding of global economics, business management, politics, financial accounting, etc., still isn’t enough to make you able to truly predict the future. Jeff Harrell presents the evidence to support this, with shocking data...

May 27, 2024x
00:12:208.5 MB

My Investment Advisor Is Doing a Great Job…Are You Sure?

Nothing is more important than trust when it comes to financial advice. Unfortunately, the complicated nature of investing results in everyday investors having a difficult time identifying misleading tactics. Jeff Harrell shares two true stories—that infuriate him to this day—about deceptive information he discovered on real...

May 27, 2024x
00:09:236.48 MB

Market Maven Predicts Next Stock Market Crash, Click Here…Nooo!

Investing headlines are designed to get you to click. The more extreme the claim, the more likely we are to do what we all know we shouldn’t. What could happen to you when you push that button? Jeff Harrell tells a story about what one investor experienced after “taking the bait” and clicking on a doomsday investing headline. A second story...

May 27, 2024x
00:10:347.3 MB

Investment Stories Are Like Social Media…Breeding Grounds for FOMO

Every investor at some point will experience FOMO (fear of missing out). Friends, family, and “experts” influence our investment decisions due to this feeling of FOMO which is rooted in our feelings of fear or greed. Arm yourself with stories of failure and actual data points to help keep you from succumbing to this common investor trap. Jeff Harrell recalls one of his favorite investor FOMO...

May 27, 2024x
00:04:283.1 MB

Wrap-Up Season 1 - Invested Poorly: Sad Tales of FInancial Fails

Season 1 is now over, and Jeff Harrell reflects on what he hopes you’ve gained from the series. He highlights each of the investment lessons covered in the first season’s 12 episodes. Jeff also previews what is ahead with three...

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