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Stock Market Experts on TV Are So Smart…But Can They See the Future?

Perception is often extremely different than reality. Financial news channels may be the posterchild for this. A deep understanding of global economics, business management, politics, financial accounting, etc., still isn’t enough to make you able to truly predict the future. Jeff Harrell presents the evidence to support this, with shocking data...


My Investment Advisor Is Doing a Great Job…Are You Sure?

Nothing is more important than trust when it comes to financial advice. Unfortunately, the complicated nature of investing results in everyday investors having a difficult time identifying misleading tactics. Jeff Harrell shares two true stories—that infuriate him to this day—about deceptive information he discovered on real...


Market Maven Predicts Next Stock Market Crash, Click Here…Nooo!

Investing headlines are designed to get you to click. The more extreme the claim, the more likely we are to do what we all know we shouldn’t. What could happen to you when you push that button? Jeff Harrell tells a story about what one investor experienced after “taking the bait” and clicking on a doomsday investing headline. A second story...


Investment Stories Are Like Social Media…Breeding Grounds for FOMO

Every investor at some point will experience FOMO (fear of missing out). Friends, family, and “experts” influence our investment decisions due to this feeling of FOMO which is rooted in our feelings of fear or greed. Arm yourself with stories of failure and actual data points to help keep you from succumbing to this common investor trap. Jeff Harrell recalls one of his favorite investor FOMO...