Investment Stories Are Like Social Media…Breeding Grounds for FOMO

Show Notes

Every investor at some point will experience FOMO (fear of missing out). Friends, family, and “experts” influence our investment decisions due to this feeling of FOMO which is rooted in our feelings of fear or greed. Arm yourself with stories of failure and actual data points to help keep you from succumbing to this common investor trap.

Jeff Harrell recalls one of his favorite investor FOMO examples that many listeners might remember, the GameStop saga of 2020, and reminds us how so many investors got caught up in the hype…to their financial detriment.

Jeff also cites statistics from a financial economics report that compared the investment performance of stocks to one-month Treasury bills. The findings are astonishing!

This episode will leave you wanting to ask yourself, honestly, “How confident am I that I can select one of the really big winners in the stock market?”

(Season 1 Episode 12)

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