Market Maven Predicts Next Stock Market Crash, Click Here…Nooo!

Show Notes

Investing headlines are designed to get you to click. The more extreme the claim, the more likely we are to do what we all know we shouldn’t. What could happen to you when you push that button? Jeff Harrell tells a story about what one investor experienced after “taking the bait” and clicking on a doomsday investing headline.

A second story in this episode illustrates one of several creative schemes unscrupulous scammers use to prey on investors’ emotions—for their profit and your loss.

As you surely know, most of us are strongly motivated to act based on feelings of fear or greed. Buyer beware that swindlers in the financial arena are well aware of this too, using a variety of crooked tactics to exploit others for their gain.

The investing stories in this episode will make you want to do a better job of controlling your emotions when it comes to making investment decisions.

(Season 1 Episode 11)

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